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We don't just build software, we build INTELLIGENT software

Who we Are

iTechHub is a technology innovation company focusing on the use of cognitive technology to mitigate both business and socio-economic challenges.

What we do

Research. Discover. Innovate.
Technology is changing fast, and Africa is left behind. We Research the technology gaps. Discover the problems and provide Innovative solutions.

Our Vision

To solve Africa's problems through technology.


To harness and exploit the fast growing capabilities of artificial intelligence and provide cognitive solutions.

.Services we offer

Technology Consultancy

Do you struggle to realize the value of technology in your business? Is it too costly? Are you using the right tools? Let us figure all that out for you.

Business Process Automation

Are you struggling with efficiency? Or perhaps convenient processes? What about the cost of production? Let us find solutions to you.

Big Data and AI

Do you understand what your data means? Do you know your market? What about your individual consumer needs? Forget BI, think AI.

Conversational Services

Are you using Messaging Apps and Social Media to reach your customers? Cut the expensive efforts on that. Let's build a bot for you.

.Our Research Interests

Augmented Reality

So you heard about Pokémon GO? But how can we use such augmented reality technologies to improve teaching and learning?

Smart Tech

Smart Health? Smart Farming? Smart Energy? Smart Water? What opportunities are out there?

Internet of Things

We have the insights, we know the tools, let's show you how.

Data Visualization

How can we visualize data in a way that generates significant insights? Stop looking at the obvious, find the mysteries in your data.

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